Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc.

G&W and the Juvenile Justice System

Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. specializes in computer automation of court operations using the Quest Case Management system. Successfully installed across the nation, Quest can be easily adapted to meet your jurisdiction's needs. Quest links all disciplines within the framework of the judicial system to promote a united and effective approach to case management. Quest even provides the basis for coherent, cohesive SAFE SCHOOLS and SHOCAP programs. From integrating all agencies to simply automating your own, Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. understands the complex challenges of today's courts. Together, we can overcome these challenges. As an example, even with COVID shutdowns, the Quest jurisdictions seemlessly moved into remote court hearings with no interruption because of Quest's design and functionality. We got many thanks from our clients for making their jobs easy while other jurisdictions were struggling.

Fully Developed:

The Quest Case Management System is one completely integrated product, not modules. It is designed for all agencies involved in the juvenile justice system to be able to work collaboratively. Capable of supporting the entire judicial process in every facet, or just a single agency, Quest is a fully developed and ready to use product that was specifically designed for the juvenile justice system. Unlike other CMS providers who rely on a combination of costly modules to meet your various functional needs, Quest has everything you may need integrated seamlessly into one product. Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. has devoted the past 30+ years working with various jurisdictions to incorporate the best juvenile justice practices into the product. We continually enhance Quest to be a leader in satisfying the needs of the juvenile justice community.


Gottlieb & Wertz, Inc. provide our clients with exceptional customer service. We personally attend to the needs of our clients and have a proven track record of taking immediate action and providing swift, effective results. Our clients are able to reach us 24/7 if necessary – even for non-Quest related issues. All of them speak in praise of our outstanding customer service.